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Free Web Hosting

We are encouraging all those who Give Glory to God to help share their joy, their experience, and their work. Free hosting for churches actively involved in growing their ministry and increasing their ability to Give Glory to God is part of our purpose. Most 'free hosting' sites introduce advertising. After all, that's what pays the cost of operations. However, often the advertising is not suitable for a church audience. That was our experience as we set out to begin an online presence. Churches without their own webserver seeking a safe place to call home, free from offensive advertising are encouraged to contact us.

Small businesses, organizations and individuals who find the same difficulty getting an online presence because of the offensive nature of their web hosting advertisers are also encouraged to contact us. Businesses, organizations and individuals who share our goals of Keeping God's Presence in their content, thus Giving Glory to God, will be hosted at a nominal fee.

A list of new sites to join our family will be placed here.


We're still working to acquire new sites!

Apr, 18th, 2024

Free Hosting Sponsors

We are actively seeking corporate and individual sponsors to help fund the operation of Free Website Hosting for Churches. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.

A list of corporate sponsors will be placed here.


We are still working to acquire corporate sponsors!