In All Things Give Glory to God
Keep God's Presence in the Internet

Mission Statement


This site is devoted to Giving Glory to the Presence of God.

Like its predecessors-- from tribal drummer, to runner, to horse rider, to telegraph, etc. -- the Internet, in all its forms and applications, has become the modern means of mankind's communication and connection. Whether for good or for ill, information is available on demand. This site is devoted to promoting the Glory of God by keeping the Presence of God front and center on the Internet. The mission of G2G-Enterprise is:

  • to support a "Church" presence by offering free site hosting to churches without the means to do so otherwise.
  • to support a "Morality" presence by offering site hosting at a very nominal fee to business and groups in aggreement with good moral principles.
  • to develop projects and partnerships aimed at Praise, Love and the Glory of God first.
  • to actively seek ways to help raise the consciousness level of internet users, thus making ill-willed, profane, and subliminally detrimental sites less attractive..

And more to come as we grow...

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Jul, 19th, 2024


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